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Topic Question: What event or person during World War II had the most impact either positive or negative on the world during the 1930’s and 1940’s?
It is in my opinion that Adolf Hitler had the most impact in both positive and negative ways on the world during the 1930's and 1940's. This wiki site is dedicated to prove this. First you will see some general websites dedicated to the overview of World War II. Secondly, there will be a picture archive of Adolf Hitler. Thirdly, there will be links describing Hitler's appeal to the German people. Fourthly, there will be several links dedicated to his racial ideology and his distrust of the Jewish population. Finally, the aftermath of Hitler will be analyzed.

Overview of World War II
Good overview including primary sources.
Great overview of sources from the University of Washington including primary sources, oral histories, pictures, examples of propaganda. A great list of sources devoted to a variety of topics.
The Zoot Suit Riots occurred in the context of national and global racial conflicts during the World War II era. See how this racial tension in the United States was part of a bigger problem.
Primary sources beginning in 1938 through 1946 of a variety of topics including speeches made by President Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, telegrams sent between warring countries, and a variety of other communications.
Explains causes of World War II including the atrocities committed in the 1930's.

Pictures of World War II
external image hitler_w_youngmen.jpg
Pictures of Nazi Propaganda
Website dedicated to recordings and transcripts of Adolf Hitler's speeches.

German Perspective of Hitl​er
Book review concerning the history of Hitler and views of the German people.

Hitler's Racial Ideology and the Holocaust
Views on the Nazi and Hitler's racial ideology.
Good website dedicated to an overview of Hitler's life, political, religious beliefs, and rise to power.
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. See primary sources including pictures, testimonies, and history of this dark time in history.
Website dedicated to the countless survivors of the Holocaust. Their testimonies and history.

The Nuremburg Trials
Site dedicated to explaining the Nuremburg Trials.
PBS site with videos of World War II and the trials at Nuremburg.
Photo gallery of the Nuremburg Trials.


Adolf Hitler was considered by many to be a mad man. He was responsible for murdering over six million Jews, along with countless others including gypsies, communists, criminals, homosexuals, and other enemies of the state. Hitler's rise to power in the early 1930's brought the German nation out of their depression they experienced after the Treaty of Versailles was signed in June of 1919. At first, the German people believed Hitler's promises of regaining their prominence as a world superpower. He created work for the millions of Germans that were unemployed, strengthened the German economy, and in some regards was considered a savior to the German people. However, this all changed as his ploy for world domination and racial supremacy quickly created the Second World War. Hitler used propaganda to sway the public opinion in his favor and deeply covered his "Final Solution" for the extermination of the Jewish population. Because of the Holocaust, a new word was created, which has a dreadful meaning and is oftenly linked to the Holocaust: genocide. Hitler's racial ideology fueled his beliefs that a master race would be created. He murdered millions, changing the face of the world in which we live even today. Survivors tell their stories, and it is hard to believe that such an atrocity took place in this world. Because of the positives and negatives, Adolf Hitler was the man that truly rewrote history and has changed our world forever.